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The first avenger


      The first avenger

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    4. Leadership

      Back during my final three years in high school, I really wanted to get myself involved in activities to escape from my robotic environment. That was why I joined clubs like silat, got more involved with various friends and joined the student council.

      It turned out that joining the student council was one of the best decisions I made as I got to experience real time work outside of just trying to learn for the sake of learning (I was not sure what my studies were for). I got the chance to be lead a sub group in some occasions and really got to see the fruits of our efforts. From helping raise $7000 for the school and the needy to making relations with the US navy (and get to go on board their cool warship) to get to help prepare the school so juniors could experience a 3 day leadership camp in school. It really made me see how rewarding helping people could be and helped me make solid friends that withstood the hardships with me.

      So with suggestions from my friends I applied and became president for my society of bruneians here in sheffield. I kinda regretted not being active in any societies before (usually due to studies here being a huge 100 ton boulder in my shoulders). I really wanted to become involved again so I became the leader of my society.

      Being leader was a pretty big deal. i woke up the day after becoming president thinking of only the society. I really wanted to try my best and unite the 100+ people as one here, where people would go to me for help and vice versa where I would also ask for their help. This wasn’t so though. I found that some people were having a hard time in sheffield without me noticing. Things escalated to alarming levels that would become life threatening. The problems concluded positively, however these events hit me and made me see how heavy the responsibility of a leader is.

      I always thought I was a good leader, but as an overall analysis of my time as president I would have hoped to be a friend for all where I could be a focal point in bringing people together and make their stay more fun away from home. I was a failure for not being able to meet my own expectations or even worse others expectations. In short I may have the creativity and skill of being great in a group but I’m still so far away from being a good leader.

      With my final night as president I needed to put this out there. I wish the very best of the next president to come, and will continue helping the society every step of the way regardless of my position. 

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      there’s a lot of weird shit on this site but have you ever seen a peeled lemon


      I feel like i’m not supposed to be looking at this.

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Sweet Jesus, that’s adorable.


      Sweet Jesus, that’s adorable.

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    Aizat Harith from the smallest country on the third largest island.

    I like a lot of stuff however the limit of my obsessions are pretty short.

    Stadiums are better than clubs and I prefer song lyrics to classic literature.
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